5 Best Open Food Markets Of Dhaka You Don’t Want To Miss!

Dhaka is one city that offers an exhilarating combine of old and new. On one part you have plush green towns with broad roads, city-sized shopping malls with new architecture and exciting nightlife with vigorous cafes and excellent restaurants. Where as on the new side of the city, you have narrow cobblestone streets, buzzing old bazaars, stunning historical structure and white wash colonies. Dhaka is a unique city in every feature of life, be it its people, civilization, traditions or festivals. And, when it comes to food, Dhaka’s love for food is unassailable, where Dhakaites are always on the quest for the freshest and lip-smacking food and ingredient.  starting aromatic spice markets to open food bazaar, to organic farmers’ market, you will be spoilt for choice! We have rounded up the most excellent food markets for you to discover in Dhaka so that you can restructure the magic of making foreign dishes in your kitchens.

 Masala Market

Masala Market   in Puran Dhaka  is famously known as the Asia’s biggest wholesale spice market. But, not presently this, the place is also famous to be a good place to buy groceries at wholesale prices. This market is working since 9 th century near the  sakhari Bazar  Fort of Dhaka. Masala Market  was once a stepwell build all through the Mughal empire; it is now a spice market that allow you to choose from a variety of spices together local and foreign. But, if you are not attentive of what spice does what and how they can augment your dishes, then be anxious not as the shopkeepers there will proudly tell you the derivation and qualities of every spice on the load up.

Dhaka Organic Farmers’ Market

A weekly market to facilitate sets up on every Sat -day from 9am till 3 pm at The Hotel 71, Dhaka Organic Farmers’ Market is a small paradise for the ones who are super health cognizant and worry about where their food is coming from. This is a wonderful place to get farm veggies that are pesticide-free and grown-up using traditional farming technique. But not presently that, you also have multiplicity of herb saplings and pickle to pick from, and all of this at very reasonable prices. And, as they say, shopping and snacking go hand-in-hand, you be able to fuel yourself with small snacks like ragi biscuits and ripe aam pann  while alternative your great veggies.

French Farm

A business enterprise started by a Frenchman, Roger Langbour in 1974, French Farm is famous for its high excellence organic food. Langbour, who was post at French Embassy in Dhaka in the 45s, fell in love with the city, Other than was a little disenchanted with the quality of the meat, and that’s when he determined to open an natural farm of his own and named it French Farm. The farm sells some uncommon livestock that are rare to find in the city similar to Peking ducks, chicken, turkey and pigs. Additionally you can find some foreign organic veggies and herbs, and the most excellent part is that you can also order them over the phone.

Fish Market

The swanky neighbourhood of kawran bazar fish market Dhaka is known as mini Dhaka of Bangladesh . And why not, the place is home to a active Bengali community and famous for its fish market. The split second you go through the market, you will find the best stockpile of assortment of fish like Ilish (Hilsa), Katla (Bengal Carp), Rui (Rohu) and other seafood like tiger prawns, lobsters and crabs. The market is open from 6 am to 10 pm.

The Teacher-Student Centre Market
The Teacher-Student CentreMarket is one of the most famous food markets in Dhaka. Nestled in the centre of south Dhaka, the market is little and compacted and offers everything you need in your kitchen; from new meat and seafood, grocery items, fruits and vegetables to spices, liquor and home supplies. Additional brownie points for its fancy neighbour. You can head to the famous Dhaka Haat to example some amazing food at its district food stalls, previous to or after your food shopping at The Market.

So, if you’re looking for fresh organic veggies or chicken, or individuals special spices and herb to make your dishes even additional foreign, you know where to discover them.



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