Browsing facility without internet on chrome browser- 2018

Google has opened a new feature for Android device users. The advantage of the new feature is that if you do not have internet, you can get on the webpage. This is called Offline Chrome for Android. Amazon Boss of Chrome for Android division says, “When you are connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network, you will download some related articles from Chrome. Google will keep in touch with your location and popular pages. When there is no internet connection, these containers can be read. ‘ Boss said, if Chrome is signed in, then the user will receive customized articles according to the browsing history. Chrome on Android features can be found in more than 100 countries. This feature will be available if you upgrade Chrome to Android from Google Play Store.


WhatsApp is calling for more than 200 million hours daily

Facebook’s popularity is growing worldwide, Facebook’s owned WhatsApp Currently there are over 120 million WhatsApp users. The WhatsApp Authority said on Tuesday that WhatsApp users spent more than 200 million hours a day on this platform.

Voice & Video Calling facility has been started in WhatsApp Call since yesterday. In a blog post on WhatsApp, it has been said that people have been enjoying voice and video calls in WhatsApp over the past few years. Users spend time on more than 2 billion hours of the platform.

Users can create a group call with one to four calls and add contacts by pressing ‘Add Participant’. WhatsApp claims to be a call-to-end encrypted According to a report by NDTV, this feature was first seen in October last year, but this feature was first introduced in the developer conference in May this year. All customers of Android and iOS will be able to use a new group video and voice call features. This group can be called together with four people.

The first video call feature was added in 2016. Whatsapp Authority said, the group calling feature will work well on slower networks. As always, all calls and end-to-end encrypted. In order to make a group video call, you must first make a video call. Next, the option to add new partitions to the right side will come up.

50 people can join the Facebook messenger voice call together Skype this number is 25


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