Can I make money selling websites? Flippa

Do you know you could make doller online selling websites, yaa  it’s achievable,

l would give details in here how, where to sale it to make huge dollar .

You could sell this websites on Flippa –

So let’s look in factor what Flippa revenue and how it determination help you make dollar online.

What is is an online marketplace for selling and buying websites.

Description direct from define itself as –

Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace, where you can learn new business opportunity.

We are the world’s number 1 target for buying and selling online businesses.

Selling websites on is Suitable For –

The selling of websites on is appropriate for people who likes to develop websites.

So if you include the knowledge on how to build up websites, possibly you have been doing it for fun or grounds you have the knowledge afterward l advise you convert this your work effort to money by selling this websites on

This the monitor shot of sales complete on this week.
Skills requisite for selling websites on –

You necessity know and have good knowledge regarding website establishment and WordPress platform.

This the nearly all two requisite skills you need as they will help you to make the websites you will sell on

Time mandatory For Creating A Website –

The time compulsory for creating website depends on the knowledge along with expertise of the website designer or developer

Tips –

  1. Is good you choose theme you have good passion for, have in dept passion for the subject you choose to generate website on will go a long technique to help you.

The obsession is the zeal as well as fire that burns from side to side your veins with makes you wanna do supplementary and more and more,

Excluding if you don’t have passion intended for the subject you choose it will formulate you lose concentration quickly moreover eventually you will lose importance and stop work.

  1. This your business must not be based on short term business mock-up but on long term model.

As to construct a website become successful you have to formulate alot of investigate before hand on the subject your going into,

by trying to locate answers to this questions will help you alot –

Who are your direct competitor?

How do your competitor make dollar?

How will your website make dollar?

How can you make your website situate out from others?

How long will it take to monetize your website?

  1. When choosing a domain name make positive you choose a domain name that’s applicable and well represent your topic and appealing to your besieged audience.

This because a good domain name is the main part of brand your website.

Choose .com i.e domain names that ends with .com extension as they looks supplementary professional.

  1. You can choose beginning any of this reliabel paid host like BlueHost, Hostgator, or from any other that you like.
  2. It important you make your website’s layout and design look very professional.

This cause the eyez eats first before the lips will follow suit,

what l mean here is so as to your first time site visitors will make judgement about your website within 10 seconds of landing on it,

so make sure you website layout with design appeals to them and they like it.
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Some websites on their sales list are this week:

How To Monetize –

  1. First you have to inventory your website on Flippa works on behest model, the highest bidder gets the ownership of the website.
  2. Set the bid price of your website 15 times bigger than the current monthly income of your site.

For e.g. If your site is earning $500 per month afterward you can locate the basic selling bid price of your site to at least $7500.

  1. Start the auction with wait for bids. People will establish bidding for purchasing your site.

Once you get the bid that satisfy your target selling price, then finalize the deal with the bidder.

  1. will direct all the payment and other technical stuff for you and you’ll receive your commissions via your chosen payment method.



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