Future of Digital Marketing Strategy?

Future of Digital Marketing ! : Few day ago everything has become digital . People are expense their maximum time on social platforms. That is why, to proximity your targeted audience has become many easier. Digitization is growing day by day, So, there is a very excellent future of digital marketing artistry. In, Bangladesh a lot of people yet to be attach online platforms. The youth of the country are involved online through different mediums.

Huge number of population could be targeted in digital marketing strategy to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tweets, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many  more. Today’s client habit has helped Intermission the limitations of story, demographic as well as geography. Before two years and  the amount of users has grown by almost 80% from 55%. For younger generation, the amount are thoroughly massive. If you have been buying wider marketplace, your visitors will clearly be online.

There were different contributing reason of this expansion. Mobile has been one of the greatest factors and happens to be driving nearly one half of all website traffic. While Internet of Things too is a relatively new notion, it too has started out realizing the new kind of marketing experiences.

What is the Future of Digital Marketing – Job Opportunities

There is a lack of availability of jobs for the championship educated population. They are anxious to get a good job either in government or private sector. The alienation of engineering has become down because of low job benefit  for freshers candidate. Only 5 to 10% students are hired care of campus placements and 10 to 20% able to get jobs for them self while remaining students repose searching a proper job for them. Same thing is happening with different  other courses. They have diploma certificate / degree but not getting the proper jobs . Now-a-days Digital marketing is deliberated a good career option for future. A huge number of vacancies are in the queue in digital marketing field.

The job after digital marketing certification is very easy. You can select any industry to beginning your job and enhance your skills in that individual field. The job profiles are Digital marketing executive, SEO executive, SEO Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Expert, Lead Generation executive, email marketer, PPC Analyst/Expert etc.

Let us understand what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the method, of promoting / sharing the product or services to online via digital medium (internet, mobile, social platforms etc.).

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7 Cause to Expand of Digital Marketing – 

  •  Real time Date will rule the Market
  • Intense use of mobile apps
  • Viral Advertising is take possession of Attention
  • Mobile Money – a norm for today and after
  • Instant Messaging
  • Marketing is progressively more contextualized based on user date
  • Brand as a connection between people and update technology

Cause to Expand of Digital Marketing – 

  1. Real Time Date: Real time user data will help the digital marketers to raise the leads. The use of knowledgeable analytical tools has without doubt increased the future of Digital marketing. The administrators are now analyzing physical time data of website/business/services via digital intermediate.
  2. Intense use of mobile apps: This is the mobile and the  internet era, people liketo use mobile apps to ingress all products and  services. Mobile apps have become many  more popular than a website. So, Digital marketing would be  cover all application promotion method. There is simple term ASO (App Store Optimization) for this aim will become more popular in future.
  3. Viral Advertisement: Viral promotion has become more  popular. Diffirent’s  videos are going viral and take possession of the attention of people. Example: ( Recently I seen MuscleBlaze “Os Militares Mais Fortes Do Mundo” and “Ree lath Gaad Du” video ads. The ads robbed viral on social media between a week and millions of people seen their ads and control attention about their MuscleBlaze nutrition products.) So, this type of ads will be improvement in future. Digital marketers are making videos which contain emotions to target bigest amount of online association. This type of videos ads are shared by diffirent  people at their social channels and it become Famous very soon.
  4. Mobile Money: This peculiarity is now becoming popular. There are lots of installation are take steps mobile money services. You can link your bank account into them. Some of memorable mobile money applications are Google app, Paytm, PhonePe, JioMoney, MobiKwik, PayUmoney, Oxigen Wallet etc. People are quickly making profiles on this types of wallets and taking benefit of discounts, coupons yet cashback offers.
  5. Instant Messaging: There are a lot of websites and mobile apps have introduced option for instant messaging. If you have any question for their product and  services then you can call or do instant message through the chat box. So, this peculiarity is helpful for the user as well as someone will be there for reply the user question. That is why more job benefit in this field.
  6. Marketing is progressively more contextualized based on user date @@@
  7. Brand as a connection between people and update technology .@@@@@

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So, these are the most  important cause that will keep digital marketing on top in the  future. There will be more job benefit for the eligible people in this field.

Digital Marketing Concept

So You can follow my Future of Digital Marketing Strategy Guidelines and You could  either get/start a full-time job because the digital marketer in a company and accept freelance opportunities as a part-time digital marketing consultant. Bangladesh  has a good future in the digital marketing filed and you would  create sure that how you capitalize on this opportunity.



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