Important On-page SEO Mistakes To Avoid From 2018 (NEW Guide)

Optimizing your blog or website owing to search engines is an important part in respect of digital marketing. This prepare every digital marketer or owner of blogs to be exceeding serious about it, and you shall hardly see every serious marketer that cares less about SEO. As a digital marketer or owner in respect of a blog, in your quest owing to SEO, there are lots of On-page SEO mistakes you would  be avoiding just to be on the right track.

Knowledge in respect of what SEO is full regarding is not presently enough. The SEO game is dynamic as well as it does knowledge constant alteration, so you would  always change your strategy or tactics to blend with the newest SEO trends. It amaze me this days when i see bloggers and online marketers buying backlinks and padding a very short blog post of theirs with keywords. This is an example in respect of On-page SEO mistakes people are notwithstanding adopting today.

We are in 2018 bro! A lot in respect of  Google Algorithm have changed too as of what it was in the early 2000s

We are in a stage where content marketing and SEO works simultaneously hand-in-hand. No serious online marketer would be talking about black hat techniques anyother, but this  is unfortunate that lots of still does. These are SEO mistakes that would  ruin your entire content marketing Fake.

Let us currently look at some SEO mistakes as well as some clear explanations why you would  not delve into them.

 On-page SEO Mistakes You would  Avoid From Now On

First of all let me create some facts clear sufficient. We all know the main purpose in respect of SEO, which is to gain trustworthy amount of organic traffic owing to search engines, right? Though some in respect of  the techniques listed below capacity have worked in the sake of you in the past, but be relax assured that if you are notwithstanding following any one of these, your blog or website strength heading down the drain.

  1. Writing for search engines and not humans –

Your capacity think that writing an article and keeping Google in intelligence shall actually build it feel grateful, but you are fairly wrong because this  is presently the opposite. If you are acquainted with each Google algorithm update, you shall notice that it proves over also over again that only websites or blogs that offers applicable and valuable content could  rank high today on SERP (Search Engine Rank Pages).

What is the meaning of this fact?

This sooth to say means that before planning on the road to write a post, you would  ask yourself this simple question, “What does my audience/reader needs to read about this time? Is only when you arrive at an answer you would  start producing keyword researches and planning on how to optimize your content.

If you pupil  does not want owing to read about your topic, then Google shall not boost its rank. It presently as simple as ABC.

  1. Stuffing you articles with keywords

It is fairly amazing that many article writers of today notwithstanding have no idea of what “keyword density” is all about. In order words, they notwithstanding stuff their contents by way of keywords. Mainly of their articles have keyword density of more than 3% as well as some go as high as 5%. This is a big On-page SEO mistakes you would  avoid.

Instead of filling your content with keywords, try to use synonyms. For example if you are writing about SEO, you would  try to include words like rankings, page indexing, copywriting, SERP, Google crawlers etc, and you would  try to include them in a natural way. Search engine algorithms shall  pick up the words in a natural way as well as understand what the page is all about. You do not have to repeat the same keyword over and over again.

  1.   Not checking for broken links

If you are my variety of person that does a lot of interlinking or constant design and changes on the way to your blog or website, you are bound on the way to have broken links positive point in time. As well, some of the sites you linked on the way to so many years ago possibly will no longer be in existence or they strength have removed that fastidious page. Google can really penalize your site relentlessly because of an issue such as this.

What measures can you take to avert this?

Occasionally, you would  be checking for broken links on your site pages. Check older articles as well as the outbound links they contain, if the pages are no longer in continuation, then you would  remove the link.

  1.  Not making use of internal linking

Internal liking is the act in respect of linking on the way to one or supplementary of your old blog posts. Whenever you interlink, you send a signal on the way to Google that the article is immobile relevant plus you could  generate superfluous traffic to the older article(s).

Whenever you interlink, you would  make sure that the anchor text is relevant, ideally, it would  be the exact word you want the article to rank for.

  1.  Not linking out to other sites

I know this could  be quite contentious, because you would  be asking yourself why you could  be linking to someone else’s site and help them advance their rankings used for free? Well, the answer is simple, linking out on the way to relevant sites settlement your site too.

Google loves sites that contains relevant intelligence, and to have valuable intelligence on your page, you need sources too. If you are afraid of linking out to relevant sources, then it is an On-page SEO mistakes you would  avoid.

Do not be afraid on the way to link to consistent and relevant blogs or sites that shares the same niche with you. I am not suggesting you link out on the way to your competitor page, but rather you would  link out to reports, surveys or opinion pieces in respect of  related niches. There are other SEO part and parcel for every blog post.

  1.  Not having a mobile-friendly website

If your website is not mobile-friendly, thereafter, you are surely losing a lot on SERP. In the sake of sure you site should be appearing on desktop searches, but it shall be quite difficult on the way to achieve this on mobile searches.

If you think this is not actually worth it, then you would  have a second thought. Records have it that there are other mobile internet users than desktop users. If you blog or website is not mobile-friendly, you are not immediately losing your rankings but also possible users. Simply avoid this On-page SEO mistakes.

  1.  Not making use of the right keywords

Come on the way to think of it, making use in respect of short keywords shall hardly make your SEO pursuit significant. Not only is it very stubborn to get your page optimized for them, but they are not actually useful.

For example, if you are running a digital marketing agency, it is not worth it on the way to try to rank for the keyword “digital marketing”. This is because website like Wikipedia would  be on the number one spot for this keyword, and not my agency.

On the other hand, you want to go for other targeted long tail keywords like “digital marketing agency in Lagos” or “best digital marketing specialist in Lagos”. These examples are perfect, because they are keywords potential clients can search for.

  1.  Not making use of image tags

I am very sure you are attentive that blog posts without at least an image are in respect of great inconvenience. Okay let’s agree you create use of mages in them all, but do you seize time to add image tags on all the images?

If you answer is no, then you would try as much as possible en route for avoid this On-page SEO mistakes. Google is very loving of them, so you would always use them. They establish that the entire content  is relevant for the keywords you are trying on the way to rank for.

Avoid these  important On-page SEO mistakes listed above as from 2018  and beyond.

You shall notice it is attemptable and actually easier than you think, since i completed the explanations a little bit simple.

As long as you write obviously, having your readers in intelligence, you shall  see it is easy to avoid the most important On-page SEO mistakes. Do you have any questions or confused in some aspect? Kindly ask your questions by using the comment box below. Also before you leave, use the social share icons on the way to share this post with your friends on various social media.

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