Most Important Key Differences of a Businessman and an Entrepreneur

You know that a Businessman is different to  an Entrepreneur?

A lot of us question’s these two words. For some, they use it interchangeably.

I was also lead to trusted that they’re really the same.

Which one is suitable to use?

Are there key differences?

Why is it that when we join a networking marketing business and  networkers often use word businessman.

If we join as well an insurance company and become an insurance agent, our branch manager could  tell us, “You are a businessman yourself.”

This is true?

What I found out anybody would  become a businessman. All we require to do is pick up an accessible product and sell it at a profit. We are now in business.  A businessman // businesswoman.

Easy  Anyone can join.

Of course, being a businessman requires a lot of skill to grow a business. But to start, it’s not a problem. All we need is join the bandwagon. Find the product that clicks in the market. Then buy and sell it online or offline.

Being an Entrepreneur is a Different Level

An entrepreneur is a different breed. He has to conceive an idea. To an enterprise out of it.

He has to be original. To create his own concept and make customers’ lives easier and happier than ever.

Entrepreneurship is a riskier path.  We will go to an unfamiliar territory.

We don’t know if our idea will flourish or not.

We don’t know if people will like our idea or not.

We don’t know if customers will like our product or not.

In other words, a lot of unknowns. This is why entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But it can be for everyone Sure. it might be for you. Yes, you’re reading it.

All you need is courage and determination to launch an idea and make it big either online or offline.

Buying a Franchise

If you buy a franchise business, you should  be careful a businessman. Because you’re buying an existing concept. The originator of the franchise is an entrepreneur. He conceived the idea and developed it into a franchise system.

He is in his own brand. He built it from scratch with a lot of perspiration and tears (probably). The one who bought the franchise is a businessman. It doesn’t matter if he bought a food cart franchise or the most expensive food chains franchises today­­ – Mcdonald’s, KFC and Jollibee.

The 7 Major Key Differences

  1. A businessman is the one who exploited an existing product and sells it at a profit while an entrepreneur conceives a fresh idea to start an enterprise.
  2. A businessman is taking less risk as he embarks on a familiar territory. While an entrepreneur taking a big risk to a new idea that is untested and unknown to the market.
  3. A businessman seeks to become a market player while an entrepreneur seeks to become a market leader.
  4. A businessman uses traditional ways of doing business while an entrepreneur tries to use unconventional ways to an unconventional idea.
  5. A businessman focuses on making a lot of profit while an entrepreneur focuses on creating value.
  6. A businessman normally shies away from change while an entrepreneur wants to change as his friend.
  7. A businessman is supplementary of calculative in natural world while an entrepreneur is sensitive in nature.

Which One is Easier?

It’s easier for us to become a businessman. On the other hand, to become an entrepreneur, one requires to be original. A lot of thinking for branding and positioning.

To be original, it’s not essentially to be completely unique. It is just a little iteration of an obtainable product. Flip it to look something new to our customers.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of skills as we need to become a jack-of-all-trades (Example :  we do the marketing, accounting, production, managerial jobs, CEO, etc. same with blogging) at the start and gradually give the task as the business grows.

It is quite challenging to be an entrepreneur as we classify everything ourselves from the start. We catch our hands dirtier than ever.

So,  A businessman and entrepreneur are both business owners.

While the former copies the system.

The latter creates the system.

Which one is easier for you: to be an entrepreneur or a businessman?

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