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Turkey, The  two type of birds confidential as members of each family . Turkey is a popular bird in American and Europe continent.  The top famous is the common turkey (Meleagris gallopavo),  is a citizen game of bird on  North America  other than commonly domesticated use for the table. The few good type of Agriocharis , ocellata, it’s  ocellated turkey. It’s  support of isolated but similar birds, you  see bustard is the Australian turkey,  megapode is the brush turkey, snakebird is the water turkey.

Domestication one of the excellent turkey be maybe begin by the Indians of the pre-Columbian Mexico. The birds were first full to Spain about 1519, also from Spain it’s spread all over Europe, realization England in 1541. What time the bird become very popular in England, the name of  turkey-cock, previously use for the guinea fowl of “Turkish” lands, was transfer to it. English colonist then the  introduce European-bred strain of the turkey to eastern North America in the 17th century. Turkeys were mostly breed for their wonderfully coloured plumage until about 1935, after which the reproduction importance misrepresented to their meat individuality.

Races is the most popular turkey set up today in Mexico as well as in the southeastern and southwestern United States change vaguely in feather markings and  in rump colour, Other than all are essentially dark, with flickering bronze also green plumage. Adult males encompass a naked, seriously carunculated (bumpy) beginning to facilitate is normally dazzling red in colour but turns to white overlaid with bright blue as the birds are animated. Additional characteristic facial appearance of the most common turkey are a long red fleshy embellishment (called a snoodso as to grow from the forehead larger than the bill; a fleshy wattle growing beginning the gorge; a tuft of boorish, black, hairlike fluff (known as a beard) extrapolative from the breast; with extra or less famous leg spurs. The male turkey, or gobbler, or tom, may be 130 cm (50 inches) lengthy and weigh 10 kg (22 pounds), Nevertheless regular weight is less. Female turkeys, or hens, normally weigh only half as much as the males and boast less warty heads than do the males. Domesticated strain of the most  common turkey, residential for their fine-tasting flesh, perhaps much heavier.

Roast turkey is the  famous in many European countries has extensive been a customary Christmas bowl. The United States the bird is particularly connected with the holiday of blessing. Turkey manufacture has accordingly tend to be seasonal, although the United States as well as some other countries, prepared-to-cook incline, boned turkey is accessible in rolls several time of this year.

The wild turkey also famous to the  prefers woodlands near water. It’s eats seeds, insects, as well as an occasional frog or lizard. As alarmed it might run rapidly to cover, excluding it could fly muscularly only for short distance (about 0.4 km, or 0.25 mile). previously diminished under hunting demands, M. gallopavo has arrive back well under a variety of state game managing programs in the United States.

The Courtship display the male spreads his tail, droops his wings with shakes the quill perceptibly, retract his head, strut about, as well as utters speedy gobbling sounds. He assemble a harem, and every hen lays 8–15 brownish stippled eggs in a empty in the ground. The young (poults) formulate in 28 days.

The ocellated turkey, One of the best popular in  Central America, is smaller to  M. gallopavo. It has a blue head and  glowing yellow bumps, bright-tipped nap, approximately peacocklike, and, in calculation to the long bill wattle, a yellow-tipped knob on the crown. It has never been domesticated.


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