Sunny Leonei threatens ‘mass suicide’ 2017

Sunny Leonei threatens ‘mass suicide’


A political organization in Karnataka has threatened to organize “mass-suicide” if Sunny Leone has participated in the festival.

India Today, a Bangalore-based company that signed Sunny Leone for dance at the English New Year, said. A group called Karnataka Vaishik Yusubena, Karnataka Maintenance, has threatened mass-suicide by protesting the decision on Friday.

In a protest rally organized in front of the Honorable Tech Park of Bengaluru, Karnataka Vakshik Yusubena said that members of various age groups of the family went to the festival. In front of everyone, Sunny Leone does not want to see a star like the star of Karnataka.

The organization’s secretary Harish said, “Sunny’s past is not good and his clothes are also against the Kannada culture. If he is not boycotted, public incidents of public suicide will occur on December 31. ”

Instead of Sunny Leone, Kannada Artists demanded to maintain cultural program.

Karnataka Minister of State Ramleng Reddy has supported the protesters demand. He has instructed the organization to not bring Sunny Leone to.

However, the organization has not yet clarified anything about the boycott of Sanchi. In a preliminary statement, the program will be organized on ‘Domestic’ and will dance with Sunny Leone Kannada.


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