Tiger Zinda Hai – 2017


Tiger Zinda Hai is a 2017 Hindi battle suspenseful legend big screen co-written and aimed at by Ali Abbas Zafar.The movie stars Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif as well as Sajjad Delfrooz in important roles, with Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra, Nawab Shah, Girish Karnad and Paresh Rawal in sustaining roles. The movie is the sequel to the 2012 film Ek Tha Tiger and the second episode of Tiger movie series, Moreover is based on the 2014 abduction of Indian nurses by means of ISIL..



The primary look of the poster was discovered by Salman Khan from beginning to end his official Twitter account on 18 October 2017 on the circumstance of Diwali. The official preview was at large on 7 November. The movie was released on 22 December 2017. By means of a budget of ₹1.5 billion (US$23 million), exclusive of marketing expenses and Salman Khan’s fees, it is one of  the majority expensive Indian films. It has gross supplementary than ₹4 billion (US$62 million) at the box office, becoming a major profitable success also one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all era.

Motivated by real events, Tiger Zinda Hai is a sequel to the blockbuster Ek Tha Tiger, as well as an intelligence achievement adventure movie that follows an exploratory release mission in Iraq.

Directed by :         Ali Abbas Zafar

Produced by :       Aditya Chopra

Screenplay by :    Ali Abbas Zafar,Neelesh Misra

Story by          :    Ali Abbas Zafar, Neelesh Misra

Starring  :   Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif,

Narrated by :        Salman Khan

Music by     Songs:  Vishal-Shekhar

Background score: Julius Packiam

Cinematography : Marcin Laskawiec

Edited by :  Rameshwar S. Bhagat

Production company:  Yash Raj Films

Distributed by      : Yash Raj Films

Release date :     22 December 2017

Running time :      161 minutes

Country       :   India

Language :  Hindi, Urdu

Budget :      ₹150 crore

Box office : ₹460.46 crore

Salman Khan : The genuine Tiger Of Bollywood

Another big hit !! Tiger zinda haiA dread activist association run by Abu Usman in Iraq held’s 25 Indian nurses as well as 15 Pakistani nurses has hostages in a hospital. Mr Shenoy choose Tiger on behalf of the mission whose missing since most recent 8 years after he clear-cut in love with ISI instrument Zoya. Tiger as well as Zoya are happily matrimonial with a son. Shenoy traces Tiger However he decline the mission where Zoya convince him as he loves his country then something else. Tiger vegetation for the mission with his preferred team and plan. To Tiger’s surprise Zoya to reach to save the Pakistani nurses among her team. The Raw and ISI players join hands to inclusive their missions through forget the tensions between their countries. Manufacture it a mission of civilization.



If “Ek Tha Tiger” was regarding India-Pakistan spy love narrative “Tiger Zinda Hai” take it numerous notches to the lead to characterize their accommodating cohort maneuver in disagreement to ISIS in Syria.


Exclusive of assassination a moment from 2 hour 41 minutes of stimulation the movie start with a mission moreover ends with the word “professional attached to it. Everything in-between is worth continuation the popcorn at bay. Gripping contrive, stimulating realization sequences & shining sets are tourist attractions of this spy brush. Exclusive of some logic defying gun-shot sequence I couldn’t discover anything pessimistic within it.


Approaching to guide actors, Katrina and Salman. Together look healthy as a contrivance and have acted in actuality well. Only differentiation age is contagious up with the previous while concluding is defying it.


Salman is Indian description of Ethan Hunt & Rambo shared in equal percentage. He is essence of the movie as well as reason sufficient for replicate visits to theatre. He is the only tiger who doesn’t have to growl to construct his attendance felt. Man has further beef up some strength to append to his country charm which is so drool-worthy. This tiger is not immediately alive, he is everlasting. Santa is unquestionably reside in Khan household this period.


There is amazing purposeful about Bollywood as well as comic representation of American army brainpower . Won’t make known supplementary because I am sure you are leaving to watch it for self at some stage in the long weekend. Omitted this one is a crime.

I should say this is the movie which bollywood wants. Be required to Watch Pure Entertainment Notlike JHMS OR Raees But way better than that Honeslt!

In the end, Vishal Dadlani croons, “eavesdrop close what I gotta say.” Be present silent amazing missing?



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