Tips For Slimming Habits

Many people leave food during lunch. It is very difficult for the poor people to eat tea, but my heart is only eating.

As a result, it is eaten – it will be the result of what exactly it is eaten. There is no more weight control. At only 12 noon, rice was consumed in Petpur. Just remember our tips can prevent anyone from slim.

8 Tips For You-

1. Feed the raw vegetables in equal quantity, eat rice. Do not say that if you eat a cup of rice, you will eat a cup of salad. You have to eat

It can be salad kebab, tomato, cabbage, carrots and so on. Do not give very little salt, there is no oil. Even dressing salad.

2. Eat the pulse with rice Eat a fish or meat Salad, pulses, etc. reduce your diet and reduce it to a larger extent.

3. Before starting to eat rice, feed the plate. And do not feed you repeatedly to eat what you eat.

4. After bathing, many people eat and drink. Do not do this thing all the time, it reduces the metabolic rate and does not ditch food, increase weight quickly

5. Do not sleep after eating rice. definitely no. And do not sit in one place. Walk for 20 to 30 minutes after rice in half an hour.

6. After eating tea, many people have the habit of drinking tea or coffee. This habit will be abandoned.

7. Do not eat rice cooker to run rice. Do not eat any potato flour or potato rice.

8. Do not drink tea with eating tea or eating rice. Drink at least 30 minutes of water after eating.

There is no extra oil to rice, but rice is a healthy diet. Following the rules described above, if you eat rice, fill your stomach.

Fill your mind but do not increase weight. Rather, if you can exercise regularly for one hour, then lose weight.



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